Nirvana Laser Hair and Skin Clinic

  • Nirvana Laser Hair and Skin Clinic is a 3500 sq ft medical clinic, established more than a decade ago, to facilitate skin health and beauty with injectables such as Botox and Juvederm, and with modern evidence-based light and laser therapies.
  • The medical director, Dr. Rose Genesis, BScKin, MD, CCFP, has grown her skills along with the times as the field of injectables such as Botox and Juvederm have developed and gained widespread acceptance.  She is the only injector of Botox and Juvederm at Nirvana since the products became available in Canada.  Clearly Dr. Genesis is an expert with great experience in the injection of Botox and Juvederm.
  • And the applications of lasers in dermatological conditions has grown by quantum leaps as excellent research is led by societies such as the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, with excellent clinical leaders publishing and educating their clinical learning.  Dr. Genesis has remained connected with these researchers, learning and pioneering in the field, from Saskatoon, over the past decade and a half. 
  • Dr. Genesis has been involved in the beauty/skin industry for more than a decade, witnessing in real time the global rapidly evolving skin beauty and health enhancement culture.  She is wary of “new products” as she has observed the cycle of “new and great” become “class action”.  Accordingly she uses top quality products such as proprietary Botox, the only Botox.  And she uses Juvederm which she believes to be the safest of the Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers.
  • There is a complete set of top quality, modern lasers at Nirvana that serve to achieve skin objectives, and these are all medical grade, Health Canada approved devices. They need to be operated with competence by the doctor and the trained technicians.  She is careful and continually promotes learning and improvement in the technician skills.
  • There are many treatments available on the market that are simply not effective, or they are performed for inappropriate indications, with the eventuality a disappointed consumer. The importance of a good consultation session before launching into a treatment is obvious.  It saves the patient time, money, and anguish.
  • She is disciplined about regulatory standards in her clinic, as any employee will verify.  Privacy Protection is a constant matter of utmost importance, necessitating contractual obligation with ongoing training by staff.  High sanitation standards begin on day one of employment and are routine by all at Nirvana.
  • Dr. Genesis is committed to the safe delivery of reasonable expectations.  Accordingly, she insists on good information provision to patients prior to treatments.  Almost all patients will see the doctor over the desktop, or face to face, for several minutes, sometimes much longer, prior to treatments in order to counsel them as realistically as possible, in order to foster realistic expectations on the part of the patient.  Further, laser test spots are done by the doctor to reassure safety and to further patient understanding prior to the treatment experience.  There are many Nirvana patients who kindly permitted their photos be used to further inform new patients about expectations of benefit and downtime or side effect.  They include “Before After” pictures, and “Sequence” pictures that reveal the immediate days after a skin laser or other peel.  Even once you have elected to embark on a regimen of laser or other treatments, the doctor will be there, usually dropping in on the patient during subsequent treatments.
  • Training select technicians is another project that is highly emphasized by Dr. Genesis.   It takes a year to train a technician well.  Even after the initial formal Nirvana training, the technicians continue to learn as they are supervised by Dr. Genesis, and she herself maintains contact with the staff and the patient, enhancing results and safety, while honing her own skills as any other good doctor will do with more time, experience, and ongoing study of peer reviewed good science.
  • Nirvana is a specialty clinic, focused 100% on the field as described above, now for more than a decade since 2001, long hours, 6 days per week.  We are indeed experienced, and we remain busy with “word of mouth” referrals from other residents in Saskatchewan and other provinces in Western Canada.
  • Other considerations…
  • We are open long hours, Mon - Fri 9 - 6, Sat 9 - 5.
  • We are a "WALK IN CLINIC" .  There is no need to book an appointment.  We work until we are done, every day, so no one is put off.  You will not be turned away.
  • We have large premises, a multitude of lasers in the various treatment rooms, and a number of technicians on duty at any given time to perform laser treatments for walk in patients.  Generally but not always, you are in and out without wait.
  • Lasers are faster and more comfortable than ever nowadays.  A Brazilian laser hair removal takes about 15 minutes, while a man’s back, shoulders, and nape may take less than one hour.
  • The point is, you can stay loose in terms of schedule from your end.  You are usually “in and out”, as treatments are quicker, and more comfortable compared to earlier days of laser hair removal.  If you are on a "tight schedule", just call ahead and we will tell you if the "coast is clear".  If not, then carry on with what you are doing and call again in an hour.
  • We publish our price list because it is competitive.  We are widely known to have the lowest prices in town.
  • The full time specialized role at Nirvana facilitates broad experience and honed skills in the trained technicians. The technicians have some health care experience from their countries of origin, and are mostly proceeding through the Canadian qualification process while they work at Nirvana. They are eager to please while they exchange interesting stories with you.
  • Our broad complement of medical technology is second to none in the world. All equipment meets the standards of Health Protection Branch of Canada for its indication and for safety. A larger laser inventory is a clinical advantage for patients.
  • Almost all of the Before After Photos are Nirvana results, not a commercial, possibly touched up photo.  These patients were willing to display their results on line.  Thank you to them from Nirvana.  The photos are testimonials to the treatment results.  There is no electronic "touching up" or make up used to get more favourable looking results.
  • Women were first in numbers, but men are welcome and emerging as a keen demographic.

The team said «Goodbye and Good Luck» to Joyce (purple dress in front row) who moves on to new adventures in her life. She will be missed after so many years of her excellent insights and hard work. Many good people come and go at Nirvana as ambitious people strive in research, educational endeavors, business and family life. Ajay, (farthest right) returned for Post Doc research in stem cell work in nerve regeneration at the UofS. Dennis, (2nd right) is back after his Master’s in Pharmacology, now working to further his research findings while studying his Pharmacology exams. Kazi, (second left) just completed his Master’s in Public Health, and moves now to focus on study to qualify for CDN medical licensure by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of SK. The rest of the team are still currently working at Nirvana, some of them also gradually qualifying for accreditation in Canada when they too will depart for career advances. There have been many wonderful people who have shared their work lives at Nirvana, gaining friendship, sharing our diverse cultures. Sad and happy greetings from us to them.

  BLS-pic-for-webIt was a hot evening in July when the team at Nirvana met again to re-certify their basic life support and have a little fun together under coaching of Jan and Lisa from SIMS, who deliver Heart and Stroke Foundation life support courses. Advanced Cardiac Life Support is next for some of the Nirvana team. Another Nirvana party, this time at Yuan and Bo's beautiful new house.  It was a lot of fun, most of  us spending hours together doing Karaoke for our first times ever.  The food was excellent, Thanks to Yuan and Bo!    Yuan is our HEAD TECHNICIAN, here for many years doing great work.  She is everyone's helper!   At Nirvana, we don’t only concern ourselves with laser and skin treatments.  Because we are also a medical clinic, we update our Basic Life Support (First Aid) certificates so anyone who comes to Nirvana is in the hands of well-trained staff.


Francis will be missed by the team and patients at Nirvana now that he is on to his next hurdle, the «SK Immigrant Physician Assessment», seeking qualification for medical licensure in SK.  He has written a number of medical skills exams in Canada, thus far achieving well.  We wish him well now, hoping and believing that he will succeed in his goal to practice medicine in Canada, settling in Yorkton happily for him and his new patients, sadly for the Nirvana clan.  Good Luck Francis!



Dr. Genesis' Clinic Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm

It's walk-in as usual.



  • Dr Genesis would like to Thank You for 16 years of support at Nirvana!

  • It was a great pleasure for us to come to know so many during our time.

  • Genesis will be Leaving Practice at the end of January, 2018, and would like to welcome Dr N Tandon as the new medical director.