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Jan 26

Acne Scarring

Thursday, January 26, 2006 @ 08:35 pm Comments Off on Acne Scarring

by Dr. R. Genesis 2006 Most people recall some problems with acne as adolescents, while there are those who were afflicted with extreme break-outs through their most self-conscious years.  You may have “grown out of your acne”, only to realize that your face is permanently pitted and mottled with red-brown spots (hyperpigmentation).  The absence of active break-out at this point might be such a relief that the residual pitted scarring and hyperpigmentation is perceived as improvement.  By now, some patients may have inquired into “scar reduction” and have been told of a hospital Dermabrasion or CO2 Laser Peel, both under general anesthetic, and both of which are known to be very painful and are associated with approximately 30 days of home recovery.  There is a place for deep aggressive peels, however, there are other options that are also highly effective, performed as an outpatient without general anesthetic, and involve less recovery time. One such procedure is known as Erbium-Yag Laser Resurfacing.  Some might have heard the term Microlaser Peel.  The Erbium-Yag laser represents a great technological advance over traditional CO2 laser peels in that the effect on skin is neat and precise removal of a specified surface thickness with minimum heating to the underlying skin, leaving it vital and stimulated.  The result is removal of the rugged surface with rapid regeneration of the underlying dermal layer to produce a new skin surface, much smoother, more uniform in color, and brighter, within seven to fourteen days.   And that is not the end of it.  Over the next 6 months there will be continued “building” of the underlying skin further “plumping out” the depressed scars, and co-incidentally, the fine lines and creases of age!   The procedure has a good safety record, especially since there is no requirement for general anesthetic.   The patient participates in the decision-making about depth according to recovery time limitations and expectations.  The more superficial the peel, the shorter is the recovery, and vice verse.  Some would prefer to repeat light peels while others will do one moderate - deeper peel and be done with it.  Acne patients are generally very pleased with reduction of their scarring, without resorting to the frightening process that has been traditionally known to them.  The procedure is performed by a full-time cosmetic laser medicine doctor.

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