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Nirvana is fully committed to medical excellence in the application of evidence-based modern light and laser therapies for the purposes of improved skin health and beauty. The Medical Director, Dr. Genesis, a licensed M.D. in SK, with certification in Family Medicine and additional training in Internal Medicine, has become a specialist in the field of Cosmetic Medicine for more than a decade since inception of Nirvana in 2001, and since the field of Cosmetic and Laser Medicine began to climb the first hill of the roller coaster. Dr. Genesis was early in this rapidly advancing field, building on her experience by peer reviewed meetings and journals, preceptor experiences, and academic programs. Learning is never done.   Dr. Genesis subscribes to current evidence based therapies and accordingly she follows the scientific literature and scientific meetings to select leading edge technologies for Saskatoon. Many of the devices at Nirvana are upgraded versions of powerful prototypes that proved their efficacy by advancing therapy for quite a number of previously refractory skin conditions.   Technicians at Nirvana are selected carefully from a pool of International Medical Graduates because they have a keen desire and aptitude for work in the health care role. They are a diverse lot of people who generally have little experience in this field of cosmetic medicine and surgery, and so they work at Nirvana for months learning the field from Dr. Genesis who dedicates more than a month of Sundays every year to training staff. While the technicians are learning at Nirvana, they are also generally engaged in study programs as they aspire to pass the CDN medical entrance exams. Ultimately they will need a Residency Program in Medicine to qualify for licensure, and therefore their time at Nirvana is transitional between a medical career in their country of origin and a desired medical career in Canada. They too are ambitious.   Technicians usually speak English as a second language, and they must adapt to their new life in CDN culture, quite a change from their own original way of life. The choice to select International Medical Graduates for technician roles has its root in Dr. Genesis’ belief that operation of powerful Class III and Class IV medical devices should be done by people who are well trained in clinical and scientific principles. The benefit of prior training in their medical field plus commitment to their job at Nirvana is key. Perfection is not attainable but Dr. Genesis and the technicians all aspire to excellence and safety.   If a patient prefers one or the other gender during a treatment, this is completely understood. Please feel free to openly state your preference. The scheduling is almost always amenable to choice. The technicians understand the need for sensitivity and confidentiality.   A consultation with Dr. Genesis is your first step. The meeting is generally done over the desktop in order to spend time discussing your goals and your options. Information provision is a high priority at Nirvana. At the rate of research and development in this field, and with all the advertising looking to capture your dollars, many patients are feeling somewhat overwhelmed initially and more focused after the consultation. You should be informed, in order to make a good decision.

Dr. Rose Genesis

Dr. Rose Genesis graduated with a BSc Kinesiology in 1986 on an Open Academic Scholarship from Simon Fraser University. Her interest in health and medicine led her to the University of Calgary where she won an academic scholarship for the medical degree program. After convocation, she then proceeded to the University of Saskatchewan where she successfully completed 2 years of residency in internal medicine, and another 2 years in family medicine. She obtained certification from the College of Family Physicians of Canada.  She has a special interest in cosmetic medicine, and continues to follow closely the specialty research and conferences in the field of laser medicine and medical esthetics.  Her goal is introduction of evidence based, safe and effective developments in the field of cosmetic rejuvenation and dermatologic medicine to the people in Saskatchewan.  She has sub-specialized as such for more than a decade, full time, at Nirvana.  

Dr. R. Genesis is a member of:

- Canadian Medical Association
- Canadian Society of Phlebology
- The Saskatchewan Medical Association
- The College of Family Physicians of Canada
- American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
- College of Physicians and Surgeons – Saskatchewan
- Varicose Veins and Spider Veins/ American College of Phlebology
Saskatchewan Medical License # 8304


Yuan was trained in medicine in China. She applied her skills and training toward research pursuits prior to arrival in Canada, functioning as a PhD in Pharmacology prior to immigration. Since landing in Canada, she has learned English, done some research at the University, supported her son in achieving good grades, and she has become an excellent technician at Nirvana. Yuan, her husband and son are all enjoying life in Canada. Languages spoken: English, Mandarin


Kalum arrived in Canada in springtime 2011 with his wife and two children. He has already mastered English language well as he was trained in an English school system. He is a graduate of medicine in Sri Lanka with special training in Toxicology, and for 17 years since then he practiced medicine 6 days per week in small regional hospitals, mostly solo, on call all but one day per week. His first job on arrival in Canada was cook at a Pizza restaurant, but he is already aiming toward a health care career as a graduate in one of the SIAST programs, maybe nursing or lab technician. He is still aspiring to become a practicing and licensed Saskatchewan physician but he has some exams to complete over the next few years. We have enjoyed having him on the job at Nirvana. Of all the experiences in his life, he identifies the birth of his two children as the "best ever". Languages spoken: English, Sinhala


Primly just arrived to Canada as a Permanent Resident with her husband and two children aged 14 & 10 from India. She was trained as Family Physician in a city the size of Saskatoon, but compressed as it was a top a hill. It was a pretty place and she misses her parents and two older sisters. She likes family time with her children and husband, attending to movies altogether, reading, and taking drives into the countryside. She is very polite, soft spoken and will take gentle care of you. Languages spoken: English, Bengali, Hindi, Assamese


Cia was born in NW China, obtained her medical degree in South, then studied Forensic Psychiatric Medicine as a Masters student. She married one of her peers in medical training and then traveled to Canada in 2014 where they gave birth to a baby girl. Her in-laws have come to assist in child care so she could work and study and he could finish a PhD. They both wish to succeed at Canadian medical licensing exams. Plan B is laboratory medicine. Cia loves to travel, explore the world. Two travel goals on her horizon include travel to Texas to watch the San Antonio Spurs (NBA), and a trip to Vienna to see a New Year’s Classic music concert. At home she enjoys classic piano, tennis, swimming, and gym. Although she is soft spoken, she will enjoy dialogue and laughter with co-workers and visitors to Nirvana. Languages spoken: English, Mandarin


Nicole is just 21 and working a couple of days per week on her off days at U of S where she is working on another two majors to go with her first Bachelor’s of Science degree in Pharmacology / Physiology. She was born in Calgary to first generation CDN’s from Vietnam and Scotland but came to Saskatoon for her education because she liked the program offering at U of S. She is very ambitious and focussed, with goals to become a Pharmacy researcher or executive/marketer. Although she has high aspirations, she is not afraid to work, starting at age 14 as librarian and then in the pharmacy as technician. She is helping at Nirvana on her two afternoons off during the school year. She is very helpful in an administrative sense, and she is mastering some of the clinical skills at Nirvana. We can hear her talk and talk as she does her skills with patients. She is friendly and outgoing, happy to help. Languages spoken: English, Vietamese


Sunjie. Languages spoken: English


Kelsey. Languages spoken: English,