Price List

Laser Hair Removal**

Full Face - includes UL, chin, cheeks, nose, forehead, between brows, front of neck$149.00
Chin - small$49.00
Chin – large, includes front of neck$69.00
Upper Lip$49.00
Between and Over Eyebrows$49.00
Nose Hairs$69.00
Ears Hairs$69.00
Scalp Line - Widow's Peak$69.00
Full Scalp$169.00
Front of Neck$69.00
Back of Neck$69.00
Fingers and Hands$69.00
Toes and Feet$69.00
Forearms - Man$159.00
Forearms - Woman $139.00
Upper Arms - Man$129.00
Upper Arms - Woman$99.00
Full Arms - Man$279.00
Full Arms - Woman$249.00
Underarms - Man$59.00
Underarms - Woman$49.00
Lower Legs - Men$229.00
Lower Legs - Woman$199.00
Thighs, full - Man$249.00
Thighs, full - Woman$229.00
Thighs, half - Man$139.00
Thighs, half - Woman$119.00
Full Legs - Man$429.00
Full Legs - Woman$399.00
Bikini - Man, any style$149.00
Bikini - Woman, any style$99.00
Peri-anal (between buttocks) without bikini$69.00
Peri-anal (between buttocks) with bikini$19.00
Umbilicus - Small "treasure trail"$49.00
Umbilicus - Large "treasure trail"$69.00
Abdomen - PartialNeeds Quote
Abdomen - Full$149.00
Chest - PartialNeeds Quote
Chest - Full$149.00
Around Nipples (areola)$59.00
Full Breasts$99.00
Back - PartialNeeds Quote
Back - Full, includes nape to bikini, over top of arm and shoulder$349.00
** Under certain circumstances of extremely dense skin or hair pigment, it may be necessary for safety reasons, to use a specialized laser to permanently remove the hair. This device is costly and more complicated to operate, requiring a senior technician to complete the treatment. The laser is slower and requires more time with the technician in the clinical room. Overall, the costs of the equipment, technician time, complexity of this device warrants a surcharge of 1.5x the base price. The MD or technician will advise the patient in such cases.

Tattoo Removal

Timed (small to medium outlined tattoos usually less than 15 mins)$150.00 for first 15 mins and $125.00/15 mins thereafter

Lumps & Bumps

Spot Ablation - Lumps & Bumps$200.00/15 mins

Radiofrequency - Endymed

Skin TighteningTimed: $149.00/30 mins
Body ContouringTimed: $149.00/30 mins


Platelet rich plasma, collection, processing and injection.$599.00/2 tubes
Platelet rich plasma, collection, processing and injection.$999.00/4 tubes


Microdermabrasion diamond tips$149.00
Silk Peel-Infusion$99.00

IPL Photorejuvenation

300 Pulses (eg: two full passes on the face)$279.00
150 Pulses$159.00

Vein Therapy

Laser Veins – Timed$100.00/15 mins
Sclerotherapy (injection of varicose veins)$145.00
Nose Veins$100.00

Chemical Peels

Jessner$129.00 for one, $119.00 for 4, and $99.00 for 6
Lactic Acid$129.00 for one, $119.00 for 4, and $99.00 for 6
MandeliClear$129.00 for one, $119.00 for 4, and $99.00 for 6

Photo-Dynamic Therapy

Levulan, Glycolic Peel, Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic Iontophoresis, Blue Light$399.00


Botox Therapeutic - Medicationyou purchase; sometimes private health plan helps
Botox Therapeutic - Injection fee$200.00; underarms may by covered by Sask Health if individual qualifies.
Botox Therapeutic - Injection fee$299.00; palmar not covered by Sask Health
Botox Therapeutic - Injection feeadditional sites Needs Quote

Botox (minimum 10 units to receive treatment)

Frown, Forehead, Crow's Creases, "Facelift", other ...$9/unit

Dysport (minimum 10 units to receive treatment)

Frown, Forehead, Crow's Creases, "Facelift", other ...$8/unit

Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus Laser Therapy$199.00

Dermal Fillers

Teosyal Ultimate Glass 3.0 ml$799.00/syringe
Teosyal Kiss$349.00/syringe
Juvederm Ultra (Juvederm products generally more costly)$379.00/syringe
Juvederm Ultra Plus XC / Lidocaine (Juvederm products generally more costly)$379.00/syringe
Restylane Fine Lines$199.00/syringe
Restylane 1.0 ml$349.00/syringe
Perlane 1.0 ml$349.00/syringe
Perlane 2.0 ml$698.00/syringe
Emervel Classic Lidocaine$399.00/syringe
Emervel Deep Lidocaine$399.00/syringe
Emervel Volume Lidocaine$399.00/syringe
Emervel Lip Lidocaine$399.00/syringe

Laser Peel

"Skimmer" - Full Face$799.00
CO2 Resurfacing Full Face$2,499.00
Deep FX - Full Face$1,250.00
Deep FX - Neck$599.00
Deep FX - Eyes$599.00
Deep FX - Hands$699.00
Spot Treatment ablative Erb Yag$200.00 for first 15 mins and $125.00/15 mins thereafter


Eyelash Lengthening, 3ml$119.00
Eyelash Lengthening, 5ml$189.00

Gift Cards

Select a gift of wellness, the opportunity to enhance satisfaction with the body. The body is the temple for mind and spirit to experience life and worship on earth. Take care of the body, free the mind and spirit for journeys of higher consciousness. Take care of yourself, and take care of your kindred spirits.

The Nirvana gift card includes a consultation with the Nirvana MD specialist in Cosmetic Medicine, who will first listen to your gift card recipient, the most important aspect of data gathering. An assessment will be made by the MD who will then spend considerable time explaining the treatment options, in detail. An exemplary skin test may then be performed in order that the decision of the gift card recipient is informed and relaxed. Time is given to contemplate the options and there are no obligations.

The mandate at Nirvana is to successfully attain reasonable body goals, understanding that the mind and spirit will be positively affected when the temple is well maintained and healthy. We hope to bring about positive change for your gift recipient.

The gift card is wrapped attractively, and may be picked up or mailed. Telephone transactions are currently available, and soon internet shopping will be a possibility.

Our hours are long, making it easy to attend Nirvana in evenings or on weekends, without missing work. And we operate as a "walk in clinic", eliminating the need for Credit Card deposits on appointments. Schedules are increasingly tight in modern times, and the long work week at Nirvana enables a "stay loose" policy. Come when it suits you.

There is something for every body at Nirvana.


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Prices are subject to change without notice
Financing through Credit Medical Corporation.



We charge on a per treatment basis because we know that you will return until your goals are attained, if you are happy with your results. When you are satisfied with your achieved goal, you will use your funds for another skin or hair removal goal when the need arises.

You don’t have to commit to the “whole program” without knowing the two most important points: safety and efficacy. There are no “lump sums” in advance of the laser hair removal. Pay only when and if you need further treatment.

There is no need for us to hide the price list for all products and services, because we are very reasonable. Remember that the lasers are true medical devices and the operators are under supervision of a SK licensed medical doctor with more than a decade of full time experience in Cosmetic and Dermatologic procedures. In the uncommon event of side effects, the doctor is best suited to assist you with expedient resolution.