Laser Hair Removal – 3000 square feet of rooms, lasers, and technicians available over long hours each day to accommodate walk-in access to permanent hair reduction by medical laser.  

Sun damaged skin – Take back the beauty.  Prevent future problems.  Skin consultation with the M.D. will clarify your unique problem list, and your expectations with and without treatment.  There may be a number of options available for your condition, and you will need information to select the one that suits your budget, time frame, and comfort zone.  Melasma hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that has responded very well to new technologies.  Facial spider veins and facial redness is also quite simply remedial with a few newer treatment options.  Skin laxity and wrinkling has excellent non-surgical options for improvement.    

Ultraviolet imaging, computerized complexion analysis – This specialized imaging/assessment technology quantifies your sun damage, ranking you according to select populations for age.  Between Ultraviolet Computerized Imaging and good standardized macro photography, you will have good Before-After photos to take home with you as evidence of your results.     

Intense Pulsed Light Photo-Rejuvenation – A Lumenous Class IV medical device is powerful and safely delivered by experienced technicians to reduce hyperpigmentation,  facial veins, facial flushing.  It produces a very attractive glow and smoothness of texture, usually without significant downtime.  

Acne Therapy – There are light based advances that have added to the management options for acne, especially of benefit for those who do not wish to take oral medications and have failed the topical therapies.  Cystic acne and acne scarring are particularly improved with some of the modern light modalities. Acne is structural and functional in its pathology.  Lasers bring about remodeling of skin, a therapy that addresses the structural aspects of acne and acne scarring.      

Levulan Photodynamic Therapy – The science is growing by the year as the dermatologic indications for this treatment grow.  “PDT” is used for acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, non-pigmented pre-cancers of the skin, generalized sun damaged face, and now anti-aging.  The utility of this selective chemical peel is in targeting and purging “problem cell lines” that may be to some extent responsible for your skin problems.  Blemishes and inflamed blackheads are both reduced while the skin looks and feels healthier, firmer, and more attractive.  

Blue Light Therapy – This is a safe blue light that is used in combination with Levulan Photodynamic Therapy to “activate” the bio-identical topical medication, Levulan, which then terminates the “problem cells”.    

Rosacea Therapy –  Rosacea symptoms are improved in the majority of people who comply with the few conventional recommendations and a couple of the light based modalities, namely Intense Pulsed Light Photo-Rejuvenation and Levulan Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).  There will probably be some annual or even less frequent minimal maintenance to control any flares, but for most Rosacea faces, the treatment requirement drops with time.  Skin sensitivity, flushing, redness, veins, blemishes, & hotspots are generally improved for a sustained period, reducing the requirement for oral or topical medications.    

Hyperhidrosis Therapy – Dr. Genesis accepts referrals from other doctors as a SK certified injector of Botox Therapeutic for management of Hyperhidrosis.  She will meet over the desktop to diagnose, discuss options for management, and then prescribe and inject the Botox Therapeutic, if that is the patient’s choice.  The govt of SK has recognized excess sweating of the underarms as a medical condition, and accordingly will cover the injection fee if two doctors agree with the diagnosis.  Furthermore, secondary Health Plans may contribute to the cost of the Botox Therapeutic for the underarms since this is a recognized therapeutic for Hyperhidrosis, a medical condition.        

Facial and Body Scars – Acne scarring is a serious problem for many.  Lasers have improved the success and reduced the risk and pain for acne scarred people.  It is affordable.  Generally, the skin looks healthier and younger, as a side benefit.  Keloid scar revision is another frequent unsightly problem that is improved to high satisfaction in most.  

Benign Lumps, Bumps, Spots - You are in good company at Nirvana when you present with something small and benign that “bothers you”.  We understand that removal of a personal irritation, even if no one else notices, is of considerable relief.  We often utilize several lasers in a session to best achieve results.  People with skin tags, brown spots, brown bumps, and cherry red spots are often embarrassed to wear summer or evening clothing.  A benign spider hemangioma on the face is a cosmetic annoyance, yet it is quick and easy to remove.  Laser spot therapy is simple, safe, affordable.    

Augmentation of Beauty, Anti-Aging – The market is rife with advertising pitches to make you look better, younger.  Dr. Genesis will spend time with you over a desktop, identifying your particular priorities for improvement, followed by realistic discussion of expectations of benefits, risks, side effects.  Often a small “tweak” may result in a happy surprise.  Usually there are choices to be made, some treatments easier and some are more difficult, each with pro’s and con’s.  You will be informed by the time you leave.  “Eye circles”, “thin lips”, “big pores”, “droopiness”, “tired look” are typical presenting complaints.     

Skin Resurfacing – Unanimous expert opinion is clear about skin resurfacing as the most effective method of skin anti-aging at this time.  However, this procedure requires preparation and a period of home time to allow for healing.  The entry level laser peel is surprisingly uncomplicated, easy to tolerate and quick to recover from.  Most people start with this light laser peel and proceed further as they witness the beautiful results.  Nirvana has the Sciton Erbium Yag laser and the Ultrapulse CO2 laser.  The doctor will discuss pro’s and con’s of each at the time of consultation.  

Fractionated Skin Resurfacing – This is name for a new technique in resurfacing, which “aerates” rather than “mows” the skin.  This ingenious methodology has serendipitously produced unexpected advances in cystic acne, acne scarring, and melasma.  The Sciton Profraction is the usual Erbium-Yag research laser of choice, as a well recognized top quality device.  This laser was exciting from the beginning as new frontiers were discovered in therapeutics, but practitioners were pleased to learn that the Profractional laser was more comfortable to experience compared to other lasers, and recovery was quicker.  The fractionated CO2 laser is second to none for tightening of skin, eg droopy neck, cheeks or brows.  

Botox Cosmetic – You, the male or female consumer, should know that Hollywood sometimes sets extreme examples of cosmetic therapies.  They fear Botox Cosmetic because they think that this is a typical outcome.  Not true!  You no doubt meet many people in your day to day life who are regular users of Botox Cosmetic, unbeknownst to you because they look natural.  Unless they inform you, you might never have guessed their Botox use.  Botox is a household word because it is pleasing to the majority of users.  The look is younger, more positive while the treatment is so quick and easy.  There is no downtime and change is subtle and gradual.  Certainly it has proven itself safe.  Dr. Genesis is a very experienced injector of Botox, now with nearly a decade of Botox inection since it cleared Health Canada as a cosmetic treatment.  She does all of the Nirvana Botox injecting.      

Dermal Fillers –  Hyaluronic Acid fillers are water loving chains of organic carbohydrates that are nearly identical to the naturally occurring skin water gel in all mammals.  As we age, the face deflates, much like a colorful balloon shrinks, wrinkles, and darkens after a bit of time.  Dermal fillers provide lasting water gel to dried-out, aging skin, plumping it out again like the full balloon, reflective and colorful.  Not only is the gel an implant that hydrates and volumizes, it is furthermore activating the skin cells to proliferate and make more collagen.  It is bringing on more of your own natural collagen.  A good injector views the face like a work of art, sculpting here and there to alter the optics of facial aging.  Dr. Genesis enjoys performing this immediately gratifying and safe treatment that is rather a remarkable anti-aging, cosmetically enhancing modality.  Product choice at Nirvana is limited to “tried and true” products such as Teosyal, Juvederm, and Restylane.     

Tattoo Removal – A decision made years ago often comes back to plague you in present day as tattoo regret is common.  There has been great progress in the removal of tattoos by laser, with near complete removal of most colors to leave smooth, even colored skin.  Scar formation is very rare nowadays although there may be some scar from the original tattoo.  The number of treatments required to completion is half as many as usual a decade ago.  The removal of a tattoo is still a project that takes time, but there is no doubt that removal brings great relief to those with regrets.  The Sinon dedicated Q switched Ruby is a high quality German engineered device.  

Endymed Radiofrequency Skin Tightening and Body Contouring – This is a very pleasant method of tightening and contouring the face or body without causing side effects or healing time.  It is rare to see a complication as a result of this procedure, on any skin type.  This newer technology picks up where the famous, but dated, Thermage device left off.  Endymed is more powerful than Thermage, and less painful.  In fact, it is downright relaxing by most accounts.  The engineering advances have succeeded in delivering most of the energy to the deeper proliferative tissues without losing much in the pain sensitive non proliferative epidermis.  The microscopic findings of greater cellularity  & collagen are consistent with the observed clinical tightening and smoothing.

Chemical Peels – These quick, safe, fun and effective treatments are also low cost, and don’t necessitate days off work.  Serially, they produce favorable change in acne, acne dark marks, hyperpigmentation, and dull aging skin.  This is another treatment option for dark skin types.      

Microdermabrasion – This popular esthetic treatment is available at Nirvana, using crystals and ultrasound to exfoliate and stimulate the skin.  By popular demand we maintain the crystal peel because our patients like it better than the low cost “diamond tip” technologies.  Vitamin C iontophoresis will drive this stimulating nutrient into the cells.  You will receive one hour of treatment.  

Varicose and Spider Vein Therapy – The problem of leg veins is common.  Some small veins are cosmetic and are relatively simple to reduce, while varicose veins are larger, and may be associated with symptoms and complications.  They occur in young and old, especially in those who have genetic or lifestyle risk factors.  The combination of ultrasound for diagnosis, sclerotherapy needle injection therapy and laser vein therapy will improve the condition for most.  Veins disease is an area of medicine that is undergoing considerable and overdue research.  With the advent of ultrasound for diagnosis and sclerotherapy guidance, there is an increase in the percentage of cases that may be managed without need for surgery and convalescence.    

Skin Care Products – Swiss Tec is a botanical, organic skin care line that offers a refreshing alternative to the repetitive ingredients seen in N American skin care products.  Vivier is a well respected evidence-based line of products from Dr. Jesse Vivier, in Quebec.  Colorescience is a quality line of skin mineral cosmetics for women, and skin “meneral” products for men.  All of these lines are manufactured with consideration given to the problems of aging, skin treatments, and camouflage.  Dr Genesis may also suggest and prescribe you a prescription skin/hair stimulant therapeutic.  Topical therapy primes the skin for remodeling, to be used alone or with other modalities, to augment skin beauty and health.

Benign Lumps & Bumps – of Cosmetic Importance  Nirvana’s SK licensed medical doctor will distinguish the benign bumps from others of medical concern, and generally offer one or another of the Nirvana lasers to remove the lesion visibly and palpably, almost always without any residual scar or mark.