• Botox is one of the leading cosmetic procedures in N America because patient satisfaction is so high

  • Cosmetic enhancements include some or other of the following depending on what sites were treated: younger, more energetic and positive expression, smoother less wrinkled skin, brows lifted, eyes more wide open, smoother lip lines, more upper lip show, smoother under and lateral eye creases, smoother around bridge of nose, neck tendons diminished, and more. 
  • In the next days, you will probably receive several vague comments from friends or co-workers such as “You look rested.” “You look nice today”. Others don’t guess, but they notice your brighter expression.  Others don’t need to know. 
  • Most people report “feeling better” after a Botox injection. They look better, but they feel better psychologically!  This is a common observation.
  • The fear of “expressionless” is prevalent because Hollywood icons sometimes overdo a good thing.  They are not reflective of the majority of people who do Botox.  It is likely that you “don’t know” about several people in your walk of life who enjoy the attractive look of Botox Cosmetic.
  • Another common observation is the reduction in Headache frequency that tends to occur in Cosmetic Botox patients after injections, lasting until the Botox runs out.
  • The medication is considered safe after several decades worldwide real life use by huge numbers of people.
  • Side effects of low dose Cosmetic Botox are infrequent, localized, short lived, not medically serious.
  • There is seldom any bruising, and when this does occur, it is usually minor and easy to camouflage.
  • Side effects are fewer with greater injector experience. Dr. Genesis has performed all of the Nirvana Botox injections for the past decade.
  • Most people agree that the procedure is not particularly difficult to endure and it only takes approximately 1 - 5 minutes.  The needle is tiny.
  • The cost of Botox at Nirvana is very reasonable and published. Botox is sold openly by units. You pay for what you need, and you are told what you received.  You and Dr. Genesis discuss together your dose requirements each visit.
  • There is no need to wait for a mid-day appointment 3 weeks later!  There is no need to miss work.  There is no hard schedule you have to worry about.  Simply walk in for treatment, 6 days per week, long hours.    Most patients simply call ahead to confirm doctor availability when they have an opening in their busy schedule.  They drive straight over, it takes minutes, and they are on their way again.
  • There is no fee for consultation
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What wrinkles are amenable to Botox therapy? 

Most frequently treated sites are the frown lines, forehead creases, and around eye creases.  There are many other “tweaks” to the rest of the face that may be very pleasing.  This is another example of how an experienced injector is of particular benefit. The frown lines are particularly problematic wrinkles as we age because many individuals become habitual frowners, even in the absence of negative thoughts or feelings.   Unfortunately, this expression is read by others who may assume you are “tense” or “negative”.  Botox administration in these individuals will break the frown habit, and take years off your appearance.  The brows will literally lift, reversing the clock a number of years to a time when life was more "carefree".  Generally, there is great patient satisfaction with Botox treatment of the frown.   Reduction of the forehead creases reduces the look of “wear and tear”.  The face looks younger, more energetic, less tired.

How does Botox work?  

Botox is a protein produced by bacteria, purified, and used to our advantage.  When injected very locally around a specific muscle, it will temporarily inhibit the nerve to muscle “switch” such that the muscle tone relaxes fully day and night regardless of the activity or thoughts.  The effect is completely reversible, but the benefit will usually last 3-9 months, more often about 3 – 5.  Very specific muscles are affected, and the amount used is miniscule relative to most therapeutic applications which have been studied and performed for decades.

How do patients feel about their treated area?

Patient satisfaction is high.  Patients generally relax after experiencing the procedure because it is performed within a few moments and they leave without evidence of their treatment.  The discomfort of the needle pokes is not so stressful for most, and for those that fear the needles there is topical anesthetic.  The benefit is gradual over a few days, not prompting questions from others.  The patient returns home to wait for “the look”.

Does my doctor know what she is doing?  

Dr. Genesis has a decade of experience performing Botox treatments to all of the Nirvana patients.  She does not delegate this to anyone else.  Of course, her skills are well honed with seminars, mentors, reading, and vast injection experience.

What might I expect immediately after treatment?   

Other than some slight flushing in the immediate zone of injection, there will usually be no evidence of having the procedure.  Many people will return to work, or carry on their daily routine.  Occasionally, there can be a small bruise at an injection site because the needle might have nicked a tiny facial blood vessel. This is usually easily covered, and resolves in a couple of days.

How long does it take to see the benefit?  How long does it last?  

The effects may be noticed within the first 24 hours, but typically the benefit strengthens over the next 10 days.  The benefit is appreciated fully for months until the zone begins to gradually "tone up" again.  In most cases Botox may be done three times per year, some 4 times, some twice.  The interval between treatments might lengthen slightly with increased duration of use.   You will be asked to return to Nirvana 2 weeks after injection to assess and photograph your treatment zone.  It is wise to do this in order that the doctor may increase your understanding of the treatment, and maximize your satisfaction by touch up, if necessary.

I have heard of something called botulism.  I understand it is a very serious illness.  Is Botox related to botulism? 

The active ingredient in Botox is the same one that causes Botulism.  The difference is dose.  Just like an Aspirin a day saves strokes and heart attacks and bowel cancer, a bottle of Aspirin can cause death.  Cosmetic Botox is given is such small doses directly into the target muscle, and any spillage into the blood stream is so tiny that direct toxic effects have not resulted in any concerns over the more than a decade of vast delivery around the world.  Whereas ingestion of an undesirable bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum from tainted food will result in fast growth within the bowels and release of the toxin in mega quantities.  This is the difference, small controlled dose delivered directly to the target muscle, vs rapid proliferation within the bowel of a pathogenic bacteria that uses its toxin to destroy its host.   Allergan, the company that synthesizes Botox Cosmetic, is a well reputed, rigorously controlled pharmaceutical firm with a large research and development budget to apply to the production of top quality pharmaceuticals.  There are no bacteria in the vials of sterile Botox.

Are there any patients who should not receive Botox?

Botox should not be given to pregnant women, nursing mothers, or people who have myasthenia gravis or muscle diseases.

Does Botox interact with other drugs?

It is always important to let your doctor know if you are taking other drugs; specifically amino-glycoside antibiotics.  These types of antibiotics may increase the effect of the Botox.