Chemical Peel

There are many ingredients, recipes, and strengths of “chemical peels”, just as medications are made of a variety of ingredients and strengths.  The chemical peels performed at Nirvana are formulated to remain “minimal recovery or no downtime”.  They are superficial.  

Even after just one peel, most patients will report:  
Smoother skin 80%
Firmer skin 70%  

For best results, it is recommended to complete a series of chemical peels, as often as every two – four weeks, for a total of 6 – 8 sessions.  

The advantages of the superficial chemical peels include:

  • They are very safe, even for the darkest of skin types.  
  • They are all “minimal recovery” or “no downtime” peels.  Within this system there are three levels of intensity which tailor to individual needs.  
  • Benefits are quite substantial, beginning immediately, but especially after the 3rd or 4th peel, around the 3 month mark, when the effects of increased collagen become apparent to the naked eye.  
  • They are quick and easy to perform, usually taking only 15 mins.
  • They are affordable.  
  • There is no conspicuous change in the appearance of the face.  No one needs to know.  At about 2 – 4 days the skin begins to desquamate or peel.  In most cases peeling is invisible, although some will peel dramatically in one day. Even then, it is reasonable to cover with a barrier or moisturizer cream until the end of the workday when the facial skin may then be allowed to slough.   
  • Sound reasons for choosing a series of chemical peels include:  sun damage, fine lines, pigment irregularities, melasma, acne, acne scarring, dull, aged skin
  • Reasonable treatment expectations include:  more radiance, reduced pigment marks, smoother skin texture, reduced fine lines, reduced inflammatory acne, reduced blackhead density, firmer skin
  • The effect is gradual as skin growth and remodeling occur as a sequence or cascade of molecular events that eventuates in more collagen density and thicker, more cellular epidermis. Chemical peels are evidence based.