Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

  • Dermal fillers are substances that function to volumize a wrinkle, scar, or site of skin or lip volume loss, to improve appearance.
  • The chemistry of such fillers has evolved over time beginning with Collagen injection, the famous progenitor that has since faded into obscurity with better alternatives much less likely to trigger immune reactions.
  • In more recent years, there was an attempt to increase duration to “permanent” but this too has faded as complications emerged
  • Restylane was a novel first for its “water replacement” model. The idea was to manufacture Mother Nature’s own water storage molecule, almost verbatim. This molecule was simply a chain of naturally occurring, water loving sugar molecules that were identical in nearly all living creatures.  The strand of sugars was a magnet for water and therefore hugged and held H20 within the tissue, bringing about smooth expansion, skin fullness, and light reflection.
  • The only problem with this chemical structure was its short half life, and so individual teams of scientists processed the bioidentical form by increasing hydrogen bonding within this structure, increasing half life to sustained periods, eg 6 – 12 months.
  • Each team had its own recipe to increase stability and hence the birth of new versions of “Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid”. One of the companies used Rooster Combs to produce the stable product, but this wasn’t very stable and not acceptable to the patients.
  • But with the advent of scientific advances and genetic engineering, the Hyaluronic Acid was synthesized and stabilized in the chemistry labs, each slightly different in its structure, density, and chemistry.
  • As a group though, this molecule, the “Non-animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler” became the “safest” category of dermal fillers on the market, especially given the emergence of complications and class action law suits involving some of the other progenitor formulae falling outside this category.
  • Nirvana uses only the “tried and true” trade names from within this category, selecting three that have huge consumer experience over many years, with statistics that have stood the test of time and utilization.  Even the Health Protection agencies in the various countries cannot come close to the power of evidence provided by such broad population exposure over time.
    • Teosyal

    • Juvederm

    • Restylane

  In addition to their safety considerations, it may be said about all three the following lines of fillers:
  • The physical and chemical properties of each product and each line are unique but similar, such that individual preferences exist by experienced injectors, and scientific studies have established greater suitability of one over another for certain applications.
  • The products are immediately smooth, but the effect is even more natural after the molecules in the filler integrate 100% with the molecules in the dermal tissue, such that the skin is naturally filled out.  There is no bulkiness.
  • The enhancement is immediate and esthetic.
  • Patient satisfaction is high but expectations must be clear that the effect is best in a few weeks after the molecules have integrated. Bruising is a distinct possibility, and camouflage may be required.
  • The benefit is long lasting.
  • It is clear that the product has a physiologic effect of increasing synthesis of new cells and natural collagen, further enhancing the duration of benefit.  Maintenance requirements seem to reduce with time, perhaps in part as the local tissue has remodeled itself in response to the injections.
  • There is some discomfort with the injections which is relieved by topical or local anesthetic.
  • The patient is usually pleased with the effects and will have a tendency to return for more treatment in the first year, until restoration of “the look” is achieved.  Thereafter, the maintenance will be less frequent.
  • “Less is more” in some cases.  Some are terrified of changing their features while they do want reverse aging and healthier appearance.  Others are afraid of a sudden dramatic change because they are private and don’t want others to notice.  For these people, small amounts, “spread thin” might suit them.  Sudden change is a common fear and the doctor understands this concept.
  • Others may not mind divulging the treatment to their friends, and are more liberal about augmentation.  They may want to “do it all now”, covering a few problem zones all at once.
  • Dr. Genesis will listen to, and respect your wishes.
  • The process of re-volumizing and augmenting the beauty of a face is exciting for the patient and doctor.  Dermal fillers are a great advance in the field of anti-aging.  Each face is a “Before After Creation”, requiring artistry, technical skills, and adjustments along the way to achieve “best results”.
  • Dr. Genesis has been injecting Non Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA) Dermal Fillers in large scale since they began appearing on the Canadian market years ago.