Laser Hair Removal

  • It is widely accepted that laser is clearly a better solution for removing unwanted dark hair.
  • Nirvana has been in operation for more than a decade performing permanent hair reduction under direction of Dr. Genesis, who does initial consultation and skin testing on the new patients, and who is always available to technicians or patients for follow up consultation.
  • Nirvana has a collection of Health Canada Class 3 medical devices that perform permanent hair reduction on all skin types.  It is to the patient's advantage to have multiple laser options to best match the patients' biologic features to the most appropriate medical device, and therefore optimize safety and efficacy.    
  • The MD's experience with laser hair reduction is formidable after more than a decade of full time on site practice as dermatologic laser specialist.  She takes several months to train the basic clinical-laser skills to Nirvana technicians, and learning never stops for any of the Nirvana team.  The full time specialized role at Nirvana facilitates strong experience, and experience sharpens skills.   Side effects do occur, but low frequency and low severity is the rule.  The doctor has the skills and tools to assist in this event. 
  • The other major consideration for the new consumer is efficasy.  Does laser hair reduction truly achieve permanence?   The short answer is YES!   As long as the target hair is brown or black, every one of the Nirvana hair removal lasers will achieve permanent reduction.  The approximation is 20 - 25% per treatment, or 3 - 5 sessions for the majority. 
  • There are some individuals who may be experiencing hormonal +/or genetic +/or drug induced events that might necessitate more sessions, but this is a low frequency occurrence.  Even in such situations where maintenance is required, the patient prefers this option to any other modality of hair removal because there is generally progressive density and coarseness reduction in hair, and the in-between sessions are few and far between.       
  • It is important to understand that not all devices are equal, and bad press abounds in this day of "laser hair removal" proliferation at every corner.  Not all devices are equal.  Not all operators optimize the operator choices.  Nirvana does not collect "up front" for a bundle of treatments because some might be satisfied early on and use the remaining hair reduction budget for another site.  More than 25% of new patients at Nirvana present as a result of friend or family testimonial.  Nirvana has been established at this location for more than a decade. 
  • Many people fear pain when they hear "laser".  The LightSheer Duet is a leading edge technology that functions at high speed to achieve permanent hair reduction with much less discomfort than older models.  Fewer people opt for topical anesthetic, most remarking that "It's less than waxing, it's not so bad". 
  • The LightSheer Duet is high speed.  For example, it takes only one minute for each underarm, and about 30-60 minutes for a full back, nape, shoulders zone!  
  • Anyone who price checks will realize that Nirvana rates are generally much lower than comparable services in Canada.    Even relatives come home to visit family and stop in at Nirvana to take advantage of the lower prices and good services.   We openly display our price list on line because it is an attractive feature.  eg Brazilian $99, Underarms $49.  Watch for specials.  
  • Relief is the correct word to describe the reduction and softening of hair after even one session of laser hair removal.
  • Laser Hair Removal is safe in pregnant or lactating women. 
  • Come for consultation and testing.  No obligation to do treatment.  See for yourself. 

Typical sites of treatment include:

Upper lip, chin, cheeks, between brows, forehead, front of neck, back of neck, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, underarms, chest, abdomen, nipples, bikini, peri-anal, lower legs, thighs, feet, hands, buttocks, back.

Beard, scalp, back of neck, front of neck, areas of ingrown hair, shoulders, ears, nose, nostrils, ears, between brows, underarms, upper arms, forearms, hands, chest, abdomen, bikini, buttocks, peri-anal, back, thighs, low legs, feet.

  • Laser therapy is ineffective in removal of white, gray, blonde, or fair red hair. Electrolysis is the treatment of choice in these situations.
  • Laser hair reduction is effective and permanent in approximately 90% after 6 treatments. Some individuals may require more treatment, and some fewer treatments, to achieve satisfaction.
  • Tweezing or waxing in the week prior to laser hair removal is not encouraged, but it is not reasonable to expect a woman to abstain from tweezing her chin for a week.  She is already “in the closet” about her facial hair, and so she cannot be expected to live up to this recommendation.  She should just begin the process of Laser Hair Removal, regardless of her last tweeze, pursuing the roots of the tweezed hairs, sometimes enough to destroy the follicle.  And there are plenty of other hairs remaining that haven’t quite emerged, and these are eligible for destruction. She might have to do a few quick succession laser sessions to get her through this initial period, and then she will comfortably throw her tweezers in the garbage.
  • Young women who suffer male pattern hair growth due to the influence of male type hormones may require low frequency maintenance treatments on their face unless hormonal issues are addressed.
  • Sometimes young men will activate their hair on the chest or back, also under the influence of hormones, and they might require a few extra treatments.  
  • The laser may alter coloration of freckles and moles, and therefore these are avoided if there is any concern about their status.
  • Tattoos and permanent make-up will not be treated as the laser will heat the ink and cause skin to blister over the tattoo.  Inform the technician of the location of your tattoos prior to treatment so that care may be taken to avoid the tattoo. 


Pre and Post-Treatment Care for Laser Hair Removal


  • Keep the treatment zone particularly clean for the next day by washing twice daily with soap and water.  Pat dry and apply antiseptic gel or ointment for one or two applications only. 
  • For very dense hair zones, eg bikini or man’s beard, some Hydrocortisone may be recommended for use with the antiseptic gel.    
  • If the underarms were the treatment zone, then it is better to avoid applying antiperspirant deodorant for the rest of the day.  It is not so difficult to stop antiperspirant when you are washing with soap twice daily.
  • If the treatment zone is in the region of the upper or lower lip, then call the clinic promptly if there is any tingling or any other symptom suggestive of a newly developing cold sore after your treatment. Our medical director will provide you with suitable oral or topical medication to prevent, or minimize, the cold sore.
  • Avoid going into a chlorinated swimming pool or hot tub for the next 24 hours. The chlorine has the potential to cause an itchy rash if pores are still open. 
  • A light to moderate suntan is acceptable.  Nirvana is busy with laser hair removal throughout the summer as versatile lasers are safe for tan and darker skin types, in the hands of experienced operators.  If you are freshly and / or deeply tanned, you should request the doctor re-asses your settings with the technician.   
  • The general recommendation is to return when you see a new wave of hair growth. This is variable for different individuals and for different zones of treatment. The timing is not crucial. It may be done when it is convenient for you.
  • You will notice gradual hair thinning of the treated hair zone. It may take up to one month to slough all of the treated hairs. And don’t forget that it takes more than one treatment to complete the hair removal, so not all hairs will be eliminated after the first treatment.
  • Between treatments, feel free to shave, or use cream depilatories, or clip, or do nothing. It is better to avoid bleaching, waxing, sugaring, or tweezing between treatments.
  • For many women who have unwanted hair on their face, do not worry about a few recently tweezed hairs, as it is not reasonable to expect any protracted lapse in hair grooming on the face.  Simply come in for your first treatment, and after a few quick succession hair removal sessions, you will relax between treatments as very little grows.  

  • If you have concerns about the progress of your hair removal, then please discuss this with the laser technician or ask the Nirvana MD to reassess you.   
  • Many people are very frightened of pain.  The latest models of hair removal medical devices have addressed the pain issue with low power but equally effective heads, so there is much less discomfort.  However, topical anesthetic is available at Nirvana, and for some people a short application of anesthetic is all that is needed to facilitate a very comfortable session.  This may be applied at Nirvana for 15 – 30 minutes prior to your treatment.  It is best not to drive in with anesthetic on the skin.  

Should you experience adverse effects, or uncertainty after your treatment please feel free to call Nirvana for further assistance. The medical doctor will be notified if you have any significant side effect.  She will efficiently address it.  931-8828


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