Lumps and Bumps

Nirvana’s SK licensed medical doctor will distinguish the benign bumps from others of medical concern, and generally offer one or another of the Nirvana lasers to remove the lesion visibly and palpably, almost always without any residual scar or mark. 

  • Cherries” are small deep red bumps on just about everyone especially on the trunk of the body.  They are benign but some people find them unsightly, especially when they number in the hundreds. 
  • Skin Tags” are benign skin elongations that may be skin colored or tanned, usually around the neck, eyes, or where the underarms or thighs fold.  
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia” are overgrown “oil glands”.  They look like large pink pores with prominent pore openings, mounded up at the base, like a permanent small blemish.  They occur mostly in sebaceous (oily) rich zones such as the cheeks and between the brows.  
  • Seborrheic Keratoses” are the most common of the benign bumps on the skin.  There is a hereditary factor, and they increase with age. They are sometimes confused for other bumps, so a medical assessment is recommended to be certain before assuming they are benign and ablating with a laser for cosmetic reasons.    
  • Spider Hemangioma” are also common, noticed mainly on the nose/face as red marks or “broken capillaries” that are difficult to camouflage.  There is a central small artery that gives off a number of small red capillaries like the legs coming off the spider body, hence the name.