Radio-Frequency Treatment

Radiofrequency technology has been advanced by the ENDYMED PRO which is designed to drive the energy deep into the target depths and away from the painful and risky epidermis.  

A variety of methods were used by previous technologies to cool the epidermis and prevent side effects and pain, but it is common knowledge that monopolar technologies, such as Thermage, are “painful”.  And some of the bipolar energies, such as Accent, were not particularly effective, because they couldn’t reach the required depths with sufficient thermal effect to induce the desired collagen changes and clinical goals.
Now the arrangement of the 3 pairs of electrodes with “likes” all lined up on one side of the treatment zone and “opposites” on the other side, have ingeniously exploited electromagnetic forces of attraction and repulsion such that attraction draws the desired flow of electrons through the tissue while forces of repulsion drive streams of electrons to plunge deep and away from each other, “keeping a distance from one another”.   These deviations to the deep dermis and sub-cutaneous achieves what others have been unable to do.      

The first advantage of this arc to the depths has to do with efficacy as the thermal effect to the deeper layers brings desired collagen endpoints at the desired level.  The plunge to the depths by these electrons seeking distance has enabled critical levels of thermal heating to these tissues, triggering the desired immediate collagen contraction and delayed secondary collagen synthesis.  

The second advantage derives from the same forces of attraction and repulsion between electrons, such that the deep plunge to the depths by these three streams of flowing electrons has removed them from harm’s way at the epidermis, which is highly pain sensitive and more likely to become harmed by thermal energy.  Prior technologies have gone to great lengths to counter the heat effect of the superficial currents, but this latest technology has averted trouble by the deviation of electron flow to the deep tissues.  The first obvious advantage is “FEWER SIDE EFFECTS” and the second side benefit is “LESS PAIN”!

The net effect therefore, is skin tightening, cellulite smoothing and possibly girth reduction after a course of approximately 6 relatively painless treatments, without downtime or side effects.  And you can go to work later that day.

Advantages to the Patient

  • Less pain!            
  • Highly effective!
  • Very safe!
  • Short treatment!
  • No downtime!
  • Immediate improvement!
  • Durable benefit!
  • Safe for all skin types!


Endymed Skin Tightening

  • Radiofrequency technology has been advanced by the ENDYMED PRO which is designed to drive the energy to its target deep into the dermis and sub-cutaneous where it counts, while reducing the waste of energy in the painful and more risky epidermis
  • Now there are 3 pairs of electrodes, a more efficient source of energy than in the past. These electrodes are arranged in such a way that repulsive forces between like charged electrons forces the electrons to deviate deep into the dermis and subcutaneous without dropping and wasting energy in the painful epidermis
  • The greater the heat quantity to the collagenous, proliferative levels of skin, the greater the skin response.  Two hours of treatment done all at once or over a few generally very relaxing sessions is the recommendation for any given treatment zone
  • Once a criterion skin temperature is achieved, the hydrogen bonds in the tissue will break, with denaturation of collagen, and subsequent tissue “repair” mechanisms.  Remodeling has begun.  
  • The result is “win-win” as there is more benefit (tightening, skin revitalization), and fewer side effects, (pain, heat injury)
  • The treatment does not break the skin so there is no downtime.  
  • It is very safe.  It is safe for all skin types or suntanned people.  
  • The benefit is durable, reversing the functional and structural age of skin.
  • Studies prove benefit in: a) skin tightening; b) cellulite; c) waste and thigh girths
  • Improvement is immediate, and it continues to grow over 3 months
  • And with many newer technologies, the price has come down compared to original radiofrequency device